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Amaranthus cruentus

Today, I tell you   a surprising story about the Amaranthus cruentus :)

About 4000 years ago
ancestors of Mayan invented so good method to crop this plant that their harvest achieved 20000 grains (Wow!!!) They used the amaranthus for paying, for preparation of tortillas, drinks and gruels. But it exists something more.
The Native Americans claimed that grains of this plant give to people immortality and brave.  They baked cakes and in time of peace they ate it with honey. But  when it was a war ... they used to eat it with ... a blood (!!!!!!!!! :o )
When missionaries and conquistadors invented that practise, they called the amaranthus as "devils plant".  They started to destroy each crop of it. Native Americans started to protest.
According to the story...
The story can be drastic for somebody! Read it on your own risk!
So, according to the story, the Native Americans carried off the Pope's envoy and they ate cake  with his blood!!!!!!!
Conquistadoors were furious  and destroyed every field of amaranthus, which was within their range of vision. From this time growing of amaranthus was banned.

So, how did it happen that this plant surviwed??
Someday a monk came to inaccesible part of Amerika. When he saw unusual, red flowers he was so impressed that he decided to take a lot of grains  of it to Europe :)

Okay,  that was a story end. Now I will present the most important features of it.

First of all, the Amaranthus cruentus has got a full complet of amino acids, which have to be supplied to. It is very good source  of protein for vegetarians and vegans.
Moreover, the  amaranthus  has got more fibre than wheat.
It has got  a skwalen, which:
- detoxicate our body and slow down the process of skin ageing;
- is an ingredient of cosmetics;
- protects us from UV;
- causes that our skin is more flexible  and more fat  it's rebuilts.

The amaranthus has got lots of vitamins and minerals, which give our body a lot of benefits.
This plant hasn't got any gluten!!!! It is  a very good solution  for everyone, who has an allergy for gluten ;) :)

That's all for today. To read you soon ;)

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