niedziela, 13 grudnia 2015

An amaranth in the chemistry? :o

Hello everyone :) Are you ready for a new, chemical adventure with the amaranth? Yes??? So let's start! ;)
Have you ever known that another name of this substance is the E123?
It is very possible. The amaranth is dark red dye, which is used for production of cosmetics, for example: lipstick or blusher.
What else?? Hm..
E123 has got very high strengh for a light and a high temperature. It is very stable to 120 degrees of Celcius.
The amaranth occurs in form of powder.
Has the amaranth got other functions?? Yes and no. Why?
Because the amaranth is suspected of cancerogene action.
It had been used as a food dye, for example: jellies, cereal or caviar. Now it is banned.
The last element of this post will be in form of curiosity ;)
Are you ready??? ;)

That's all for today. The next post will be probably tomorrow or on Tuesday :) So, to read you soon ;)

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