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Would you like to drink a cup of the red tea? ;)

I must admit that the red tea is one of my favourite from some time. The main reasons are the red colour and lots of precious features.

Firstly, I will start to from the origin of this tea. In a few words: the red tea comes from China and Taivan.
In enclosed photos you can see  that leaves of the red tea and prepared tea have got the red colour in fact.
Link to enclosed photos is under of this post.
The colour of both of them  is caused by short process of fermentation just after harvests.
An exceptional kind of the red tea is Pu-Erh, which is known as well as "fat killer". Main feature of it is our metabolism acceleration :)
How to prepare the red tea?
First of all you must  put into a teapot one teaspoon of red tea leaves. Then you must brew  the tea in 200 ml of water.
But remember: the water  should be hot, but never can be boiling!
Finally' you must brew the tea in the teapot for a few mnutes and then you have to separate leaves from the tea. And the red tea is ready to drink :)
I think that, the red tea has got a very good taste and using sugar is not necessery. In my opinion the sugar can destroy a taste and aroma of the red tea.

And now I'm going to present some features  of the red tea:
- it is the way to lose useless kilograms;
- the red tea allows to diminish cholesterol and blood pressure;
- it has got  some precious minerals like calcium and fluorine;
- it improves our memory and mood;
- elimination all of toxines  from our body
- it has got some  stimulating  features (even too good in my opinion xD)

If I were you  I wouldn't  drink  the red tea in the evenings. Opposite sleepless nights are guaranteed. I bacame convinced about it a few days ago xDD
The red tea has got substances  which spread  very complicated fats to more "convenient" for our body. It means that we have got more energy to do sport.

It is very important to avoid drinking the red tea on empty stomach, because it happens  that magnesium is eliminated from our body!!!

Short conclusion:
The healthy and balenced nutrition + sport +  the red tea = the healthy and slim body :D

I hope that I have convinced you that the red tea is so good bad and I hope that you will like more the taste and the aroma of the red tea :)

That's all for now. The next post will be soon. So to read you soon ;)

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