niedziela, 29 listopada 2015

From the beginning

Hello everyone on my new blog, where you can find something about a red colour. :)

This is my first blog, so I haven't got too much experience yet.
Why have I chosen the red colour? Hm... because is one of my favourites. It is very  important for me, because the red colour gets me more myself-confidence.
So now I'm going to  tell you something about blog's contents.
First of all you can find ther everything about the red colour and everything which is connected to it. Another words, for example: some interesting information. You can learn about basic of this colour and something about a few biological and chemical topics like vegetables, fruit, groceries. I will mention about fashion and cosmetics.
Sometimes I will put in a poem or drawing made with pastels. I will mention about symbolics and hues of the red colour. So you can see that this blog is not only an entertainment, but also the way of widening or refreshing your knowledge.
I hope that my blog will become your inspiration to like more the red colour.
I will be so grateful for every comment. It one of them will be wonderful motivation for me to write next posts. Soon I will add next post.
I invite and encourage you for reading posts and writing comments.
So to read you soon ;)

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