środa, 2 grudnia 2015

The origin of red colour

What can I say about the name of colour red?
It comes from the Polish cochineal - scale insect.
Another name of this insect is the Polish carmine scales.
But  it's not  everything. It's not the story end.

Perennial knawel is the host plant of this insect,
which mellows in June and has most of all pigment.
This is the origin of red colour
and name of sixth month.

To obtain red dye, the worns are boiled in water with vinegar.
Then, the larvae are dried - in ovens or by the sun.,
Later are grounded and dissolved in kvass.
And that is finish. The pigment is done :)

I have to say that it was very difficult for me to translate and interpretate my poem into English and finally I am satisfied with the results.

And now it's time for a few curiosity :)
1) The pigment which is described in last verse is called cochineal - another name of it  is carminic acid.
2) The red colour + yellow colour = an orange colour.
3) The red colour in a few another languages:
    - Spanish: rojo
    - Polish: czerwony
    - French: rouge
    - Italian: rosso
    - Portuguese: vernelho
    - German: rot
    - Lithuanian: raudonas
    - Latina: red
    - Duch: rood
    - Estonian: punane
    - Finnish: punainen
    - Croatian: crvena
    - Irish: dearg
    - Latvian: sarhans
    - Hungarian: piros
4) Each flag of each country has got the red colour or a hue of red. Exceptions are 39        countries, which hasn't got the red elements.

That's all for today. To read you soon ;)

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