piątek, 5 lutego 2016

The red wine

Hello :) Today I will tell you about the red wine.

So, firstly there is some information of this and how it is produced. The process, which leads to making the red wine is called vinification. The main part of this process is alcoholic fermentation of squized grapes juice. The colour of the red wine comes from dark grape's skin, which is not removed as in case of the white wine production.

Why has the red wine made lots of confusion?

This alcohol contents Mg, Ca and K. The red wine gives a large number of healthy benefits. The scientists changed their mind about in early 90s. of XX century, because they wanted to know why have people from France (region Bordeaux) died on heart deseases so rarely.
According to their research the reason is that the red wine has drink regularly by people.

Okay, and now I'm going to present you some features of it:
1. It protects us from atherosclerosis.
2. It helps treat a high blood pressure.
3. It helps to make less cholesterol.
4. It keeps our digestive system in a good condition.
5. It protects even from tooth decay.

Next confusion!!! Is it true that scores of some research can be false?
Profesor Dipak Das followed the research about good benefits of resweratrol (substance in that wine).
He proved that resweratrol affects positively on our health, but ispite of it, US Office of Research Integrity decided to check it, because they received an anonymous message, where author accused him of fake data for bigger financial profits.
Even though this situation isn't a doubt that the red wine has a lot of prohealthy features, because they have been confirmed by many other scientists.

A short conclusion.
The red wine has many, prescious features, but please. Remember that it is still alcohol and it should be drunk in moderation. Too much red wine doesn't help, but can harm you.

That's all for today. To read you soon :)

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  2. Wow! This is the best post! I love red wine!

  3. Thank you :) It's nice to hear that :)