środa, 9 grudnia 2015

What's new about an amaranth colour? ;)

Hello everyone :) Today I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the amaranth colour :)
I will present you a few curiosites:

1) This colour comes from a Greek adjective "amaranthos", which means: "never withering",
    "growing up beautifully besides of hard conditions" ;)
2) Everyone who has got an allergy for a gluten should know that there exists a plant, which is called:
    blood amaranth, red amaranth, purple amaranth, prince's feather (lat. Amaranthus cruentus). That plant
    and particularly it grains haven't got the gluten and are used as a raw material for flour and groats
    without any gluten (hurray! :D)
3) The amaranth colour is apreciated especially by women (I'm not surprised. In fact it's such a beautiful
    colour :D).
4) It was used in ancient Greek costumes. It was a symbol of inmortality and a gorgeous life ;)
5) It symbolises an ability to be brave. We can find it in Polish flags :)
6) It is very interesting that the amaranth colour also symbolises a devoted and stubborn men running to  
    their aims.
7) A species of wood is also called by amaranthus.
8) The amaranth is also a name of an organic dark red chemical substance. I will tell you more about it
    next time ;)

So, now maybe you want to a little surprice?

That's all for today. To read in next posts ;)

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