wtorek, 8 grudnia 2015

Amaranth is a hue of crimson. Is it true? :o ;)

One day during a history lesson...

I'm not going to describe that lesson. I didn't remember it and I don't want to make you bored. I only want to explain an origin of this name xDD

So in a few sentences. That lesson was presented by a young student who claimed that a map in our history classroom had amaranth colour. Most of my pupils probably have never heard about this colour. The student was surpriced. He said: " Why haven't you heard about amaranth colour? It is a hue of crimson colour!". It was funny, because that map was just pink xD

This one sentence inspired me to tell you about these colours :)

Firstly, let's wonder about definitions a both of colours.
Amaranth is a mixture of pink and red and connected with violet.
Crimson is a dark red hue connected with blue.
Somebody who has never seen about them say that it is just a red colour or that is a hue of red. Without details.

Maybe for experts of red hues is controversial to claim that amaranth is a hue of the red colour.  For me it's not bad, because from the first sight these hues are similar.

In my opinion the claim that the amaranth is a hue of crimson is wrong, because it makes a confusion in minds.

A short conclusion:
I think that both of colours are amazing.
In other posts I will tell you about curiosities about these colours ;)

That' all for today. To read you soon ;)

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