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The red Christmas ;)

Hello everyone :) This post is about red colour while Christmas time ;)

What can I say about it? Hm... Let's think.
So, firstly I'm going to tell you about beetroot soup. This is  a traditional  meal on Christmas Eve in Poland. A colour of beetroot soup is ... red xD
Okay. And now what can you say about  the Christmas Tree? :)
It is a custom, which comes from Germany. More and more often people decorate the Christmas Tree in red, red-gold, or only gold colours. My Christmas Tree is always colourful :) Are you surprised? ;)
I think that Christmas decorations on our trees have got very interesting meanings.
For example: bells symbolize cheerful news; angels and light protect us from evil.
Apples on Christmas Tree are symbols of healthy lifestyle and a good appearance.
Nuts are symbols of strengh.
What about a star? It follows us home :)
And now I'm going to present more and more popular plant, which is called poisenttia. A very characteristic  feature  of this plant are red modificated leafes, which are arranged in shape of a star.

The red elements of poisenttia are not flowers!

In conclusion, red colour on Christmas time is a symbol of domestic and family warmth :)

That's all for today. To read you soon ;)

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