środa, 30 grudnia 2015

The red Santa Claus

What is the most popular vision of the Santa Claus? I think, that You know ;)
An old, fat man with grey beard and lots of gifts. He is dressed in a red costume.
But why? Hmm...

Do You know some special, fizzy beverage? There is a red label on each bottle of that drink.
The Santa Claus costume was invented in 1930 in order to advertise Coca Cola (yes, this is the special drink, which I described).
Okay, so what do we know about this person? Frankly speaking, very litlle. In addition it doesn't have to be true. So, it is thought that the Santa Claus was a Mira's bishop. Probably, he was born in 270 AD and died in 345 AD or 352 AD. He helped some people, who were in need.
A few stories are connected to this person. I don't want to make You bored, so I'm going to present only one.
So, according to the story, which is titled "The sailors", at sea was stormy water and a shop started to sink. The sailors were threatened and started to call for help of Santa Claus. Suddenly, he appeared on the ship and rescued them. The sailors were very grateful for his help. He ordered them to change their life for better, but not to tell anybody this story.
That's all for today. To read You soon ;)

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